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Ethical standards are imperative for success in every business and enterprise.

The Ethics Institute believes that tertiary-level education should take a more practical approach.  This is acknowledged as Theanthropic Education.

The Ethics Institute  is unique in the history of ethics.  We are totally committed to providing professional standards for ethicists.  We have successfully negotiated with a tertiary-level institution to offer a doctorate degree programme with a concentration in ethics.   

Professional Ethicists are totally committed to ethics utilizing scientific methodologies to achieve verifiable objective conclusions.

Ethical standards are imperative for success in every enterprise, especially for business.

We are proud to be internationally oriented towards ethical standards based upon the Truth.  

When people commit to the Truth they are referred to as POWER Living People.   




Dr. Brian Keen, Entrepreneur and Ethicist: 

Dr. Keen is the chief advocate of the Theanthropic Ethical category.  

Dr. Brian Keen is CEO and President of The Ethics Institute.  

Dr. Keen has written extensively on ethics.  Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1:  POWER Living Through the Truth has been written for entrepreneurs and professionals to succeed.   

Dr. Keen invites you to read his latest book in Applied Business Ethics, available worldwide: 
Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1: POWER Living Through the Truth

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Dr. Keen's latest book is: 

Ethical Accounting: Management Ethics, Volume 1, available through Amazon worldwide.

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Dr. Keen is in the process of researching and writing the next books in this Applied Business Ethics series.  The next book is Applied Business Ethics, Volume 2:  POWER Living Through Entrepreneurship.

Ethics Media:

It is imperative that all people know the Truth, and how it benefits entrepreneurs in creating wealth.  Dr. Keen blogs and has a monthly Ethics Blog.  

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