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To purchase Canadian Orthodox items, visit the Canadian Orthodox Store.  You can find T-shirts for the whole family (including babies), ties, hats, mugs and bumper stickers.  

Canada was designed to be a Theanthropic Nation.  Most Canadians are unaware of this reality.  This is why as Canadian Orthodox, we proudly wear our Canadian Coat of Arms.  

To confirm the Canadian Orthodox perspective read what the Canadian Government website says.  Look at the section under "The motto" to see what the motto really signifies.  For a link, click the image below:  

Some Canadian Orthodox have used these books in following the Liturgical texts throughout the year.  

The Ethics Institute

Business Ethics Consulting

The New Testament is very important for all Orthodox in understanding the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the only Head of the Ecclesia.  

The following list of New Testament translations is highly recommended for Canadian Orthodox and is available at Ancient Faith Publishing.  Click on any title to check out each book.  

Orthodox Spirituality Series:   Many Cultures, ONE Faith - Healing Society through Orthodox Living

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 - Hamilton, ON

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Orthodox Retreat, Hamilton:   The Miracles of St. John of San Francisco and their significance for our life

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 - Hamilton, ON

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