You will research how Roundtables first were developed and how Roundtables work in Truth.

You may have already had the opportunity to observe a Roundtable and seen how it functions.  You will now be able to join as a Squire of a Roundtable.

While you are performing as a Squire or developing a Roundtable you will keep a log that will be assessed through a peer review.  

You will also prepare a doctoral thesis that will be published by a publisher of your choice.  The Examining Committee will review your material.  Your Sponsors or mentors will assist you in preparing for your thesis and dissertation.

The Ethics Institute

Prof. John H. Roller, CGE has been an entrepreneur primarily in the field of church planting.  He wrote 2 books relating to his experience - The Doctrine of Immortality in the Early Church and Advent Christian Church Planting Efforts 1950-1980.  These books were combined, with additional material, as Immortality for Entrepreneurs to address misconceptions of too many entrepreneurs who suppose that success can be assumed.  Success can only be achieved through knowing the Truth.

He received his Doctor of Philosophy from Bethany Theological Seminary, now Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.  

​He discovered the Theanthropic Ethical category and realized that this was ideal for all fellow entrepreneurs.  

Entrepreneurship is based on the book Applied Business Ethics, Volume 2.

You will be expected to research what truth is, how it is pertinent to ethics and how truth is practical in relation to Theanthropic Ethics(C). 

You will prepare a paper that indicates your knowledge of truth in a practical setting, with the assistance of either your workplace or a mentor.

​Upon successfully completing this assignment, you will be prepared for the second year. 

Roundtables is based on the book Applied Business Ethics, Volume 3.


Professor John Roller

Doctor of Applied Ethics

The DAE consists of 3 courses that will each require 1 year to complete.  

​Truth is based on the book Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1.

You will be expected to provide a case study of an entrepreneur or a business that was started by an entrepreneur.

With the assistance of a mentor, you will present your case study to a peer review board of ethicists and/or ethics practitioners.

Upon successful completion of this task, you will be ready for your third year of studies. 

The Ethics Institute (TEI) has developed the Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree programme in cooperation with the Association of Certified General Ethicists for the granting of the CGE professional designation.

The Ethics Institute has applied for accreditation from the Association of Certified General Ethicists to educate students in the Doctor of Applied Ethics degree programme.  

The essential aspect of the validity for professionalism of ethicists has been our goal.  The CGE's are leading the way for businesses to earn the EEE (ethical, environmental, and economic excellence) Award.