Dr. Brian Keen, CGE, DTS

The Ethics Institute

Business Ethics Consulting

I am an ethics entrepreneur and President of The Ethics Institute (TEI).

I have been an entrepreneur from 8 years of age (grade 2).  

I found my niche in becoming a Certified General Ethicist.  I have earned my CGE professional designation.

I received my Doctor of Theological Studies (DTS), Summa Cum Laude from 
Bethany Divinity College and Seminary.   My doctoral thesis was Theology As A Scientific Discipline.  This thesis is available worldwide as POWER Living Through Science

I am the author of numerous books, especially on ethics relating to business.  Most of my books can be found at
Dr. B. Keen

I am President of the
Association of Certified General Ethicists (CGE)  - the professional association for ethicists.  I designed the Doctor of Applied Ethics degree programme for CGE.