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Dr. Keen has now written 7 books that describe 

Dr. John Roller has now written a book that describes 

POWER Living Through Roundtables:

​Applied Business Ethics, Volume 3

Applied Business Ethics, Volume 2:

POWER LivingThrough


POWER LivingThrough Revelation:

​Theanthropic Ethics, Volume 1

The Truth About Santa Claus:

​Management Ethics, Volume 2

Ethical Accounting: 

​Management Ethics, Volume 1

Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1:

POWER LivingThrough the Truth

POWER LivingThrough Science:

​Theanthropic Ethics, Volume 2

Dr. Brian Keen is the chief advocate of the Theanthropic Ethical category.  Dr. Keen utilizes numerous media to disseminate 

The Theanthropic Ethical category is one of the few that is scientifically-based.  Professional ethical standards have validity and are acknowledged.  Data from ethos, anthropological, eschatological, business and pertinent research have validity.  The Truth is constantly sought.  

Professional ethical standards are an extremely important aspect of the certification process that is acknowledged by the Theanthropical Ethical category.  The term "profession" derives from the Latin:  "to swear (an oath)".  The oath referred to indicates adherence to ethical standards, which invariably include practitioner/client confidentiality, truthfulness and the striving to be an expert in one's calling, all three of these being practiced above all for the benefit of the client.  

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