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POWER Living Through Science

The supposition for theology - that there is a god or gods - is proven.  Theology is a scientific discipline.

The basic proofs are given in Chapter 1.  These are irrefutable. 

There is overwhelming proof that the supposition is true due to the availability of numerous basic extrapolated data.  This is scientifically verifiable data that is resultant only through the reality that theology is a scientific discipline.  


POWER Living Through Revelation

The most precise and clear material with reference to eschatological research is contained in The Book of Revelation.  This data is clearly understood through scientific methodologies.

All ethicists and ethics professionals require an understanding of eschatological conclusions.  Every ethicist must realize the necessity of having an eschatological position.  The Theanthropic Ethical category is the only ethical category that has a definitive position. 

Ethics for Entrepreneurs

Ethics for entrepreneurs leads us toward becoming Theanthropic Entrepreneurs.  We have the opportunity to lead others in excellence through our successful Theanthropic Enterprises.  

As a scientific work, this book invites your evaluations based upon research.  
The Theanthropic Ethical category succeeds through being objective and practical.  This book has been presented for peer review by the Association of Certified General Ethicists which is the professional association for ethicists.  


Immortality for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur I have always sought books that could provide practical and ethical applications.

When my friend and fellow entrepreneur told me about what he had written as 2 small books I was very interested. When I read them, I recommended that he had one excellent book! All he had to do was add a section on successful applications and how it related directly for entrepreneurs.

With this book you will find why so many small businesses and enterprises fail. You will also see from Dr. John H. Roller's research shows anyone and any business or enterprise can become immortal!

As a Certified General Ethicist, he knows that immortality comes from knowing and loving the Truth. This is often understood as Good News since Immortality is a Gift from the Truth.

All you have to do is love the Truth. The Truth wishes to you and your business or enterprise to be successful forever!



The Truth About Santa Claus: Management Ethics, Volume 2

Santa Claus is a real person, named Nicholas, who was an extraordinary CEO at one of the most exciting times of transition in the Roman empire.  

Nicholas is an excellent example for CEOs.  He was a CEO in an Enterprise that was international in scope.

This enterprise was diversified in cities throughout the world.  Since Nicholas was a CEO in the Roman empire so it was necessary to concentrate on how Nicholas reacted to the various positions held at this time and giving equivalent titles where warranted.